Consumer Protection

Protecting consumers from unfair practices by energy retailers

Photo: Man holding baby reading a bill while on the phone

Recognizing the bad behaviour of some sales agents in the energy sector, Ontario introduced the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010 to prevent energy retailers from committing unfair business practices in the sale of energy contracts to electricity and natural gas consumers.

The act offers additional protection to consumers and ensures energy retailers provide essential information to consumers before they sign an energy contract. For example, sales agents of energy retailers must present business cards and identification badges when doing door-to-door sales. The new rules also require retailers to provide a copy of the contract, and make it an unfair practice to provide false or misleading statements about the energy sales contract.

The Ontario Energy Board regulates the conduct of energy retailers in Ontario. It provides useful information for consumers before signing a contract with a retailer. If you experience problems with an energy retailer, you can make a complaint to the board.

Individual metering of condominiums and apartments

The Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010 also requires the installation of individual smart metering — or suite metering — in all new condominiums and apartment buildings.

For existing condominiums, the act allows individual suite meters to be installed with the approval of the condominium board, however it is not required.

Information about suite metering in existing apartment buildings is available on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website.