Learn about Ontario’s electricity system. Find out how you consume energy, ways to save energy and where your energy comes from.

Power Posters

For teachers: these classroom resources explain the different sources of electricity in Ontario.

Photo of 3 posters showing electricity sources in Ontario

Ontario Energy Articles

How does conserving energy benefit you, your community and the environment?

It’s your home. Be comfortable in it

Photo of man adjusting thermostat
Home should be comfortable. And whether your home is one room or nine, it’s amazing how much your quality of life has to do with your lighting, heating and electronics. When you get those right, you get better peace of mind. Read It’s your home. Be comfortable in it.

Small actions add up to major accomplishments

photo of someone in a cafe using a phone app to control the temperature at home
The average house uses only 2/3 as much power as it did 25 years ago. Think about what that means for your neighbourhood and your community. Read Small actions add up to major accomplishments.

Using energy wisely

photo of a woman loading a dishwasher and a dog
Is your energy as green as it can be? That depends on how, and when, you use it. Read Using energy wisely