Learn about Ontario’s electricity system. Find out how you consume energy, ways to save energy and where your energy comes from.

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Summer Energy-Saving Tips

In areas where lights are left on for long periods, replace incandescent bulbs with cooler-operating CFLs or LEDs

More Energy-Saving Tips


Energy Usage and Your Bill

Electricity is measured in units called kilowatt-hours, or kWh. The number of kWh you are charged for is determined by your personal usage as read by your electricity meter.

The total amount on your electricity bill comes from 4 costs: your Electricity Use, Delivery, Regulatory, and Debt Retirement charges.

Try the Your Bill. Your Grid. interactive tutorial to lean more about the charges on your electricity bill.

Your Grid. Your Bill. interactive tutorial



Conserving Energy

Conservation is the cleanest and lowest-cost energy resource and offers you a way to reduce your electricity bill.

If you use less energy at home, there is less need to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. You use less, so your bill is lower and there is less need for new electricity infrastructure.

Learn more about saving energy and Ontario`s commitment to conservation with these resources:


Where Your Energy Comes From

Your electricity comes from a number of different sources including Nuclear, Natural Gas and various renewables.

The electricity you use in your home is made at a power station and travels through high voltage wires across the Province. A local power utility company turns this power into a lower voltage, safe for your home. The utility company then sends the electricity to you when you need it.

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Interactive Energy Learning Tools and Games

How would you fill a gap in energy supply and demand? Or have you ever wanted to check when energy costs the most in Ontario? These games and tools can help you understand and explore Ontario’s energy system.


Power Play


Bill tutorial: Your Bill. Your Grid


Time-Of-Use Clock

Ontario Energy Videos

Explore videos to learn about the smart grid, the value of saving energy and more.

How does electricity get to me?

What Is The Smart Grid?

Light With Father

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Energy Posters and Infographics

These posters and infographics can you help you understand energy supply and demand and more.