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What is a Kilowatt Hour?
When you get your electricity bill, it measures power in kilowatt hours.
Electricity bill with KwH and dollar sign
EXAMPLE: A 1,000 watt microwave draws 1,000 watts of power.

If you ran that microwave for an hour you used a kilowatt hour.
1000w x 1 hr= 1KwH
The fewer watts something uses, the longer it takes to up a whole kilowatt hour.
CFL light bulb 25w x 40 hrs= 1 KwH
Vacuum cleaner 600w x 1.5 hrs= 1 KwH
This might get you thinking about how much electricity those appliances of yours are consuming.
Person’s head with a thought bubble above it showing icons of different household appliances
Just think: a 1980’s-era refrigerator uses about 1,400 kilowatt hours a YEAR.
Show both fridges side by side with year on them (1980’s, 2000’s)
Show amount of power each uses.
A modern energy-efficient fridge uses about 350 kilowatt hours a year.

That’s FOUR TIMES more efficient.
This can appear as a star-shaped thought bubble or something similar pointing to the modern fridge.

A typical house in Ontario uses about 9600 kilowatt hours a year.
That means we use 45 BILLION kilowatt hours.
Map of Ontario

Images of homes, buildings, factories

45 billion KwH/year

SO if everyone used just a little bit less, we’d save a whole lot.