Article: It’s your home. Be comfortable in it

Photo of man adjusting thermostat

How do you like the lighting in your home?

Is your place warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer?

How good are your appliances?

Home should be comfortable. And whether your home is one room or nine, it’s amazing how much your quality of life has to do with your lighting, heating and electronics. When you get those right, you get better peace of mind.

Modern lighting gives you a huge range of choice in brightness and quality, in every shape and size. And high-efficiency lights can last years longer, so you’re not up on the ladder every few months changing bulbs.

With the touch of a button, smart appliances can wash your dishes and clothes at any hour, so you’re not competing with them for water. They can also be a lot quieter than in the past .

A tankless water heater means you never run out of hot water when you need it. They’re small and compact, so you get more storage space. Plus, you don’t waste energy keeping water hot all day and night.

And of course, a programmable thermostat means your home is exactly the right temperature for the most important hours of the day.

It’s your home. Be comfortable in it.

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