Infographic: In the dark about power outages?

Infographic: In the dark about power outages?


In the dark about power outages? Let us enlighten you….
You blew a fuse using too many appliances at the same time.

Solution: Restoring your power could be as simple as flipping a switch on your breaker panel or replacing the fuse.

Your neighbourhood is without power.

Call your local utility company to ensure they are aware of the problem.

Power is out over a large area.

Ontario’s electricity system is reliable. But sometimes things like severe weather or equipment problems can cause the power to go out.

Do The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number.
In situations of widespread outages, it is important to first restore power to critical infrastructure that impacts public safety.
Water treatment plant
Utilities work to repair equipment that affects the most number of people, followed by individual customers.

Check the media and your local utility’s website to find out about efforts to restore power.