Article: Small actions add up to major accomplishments

photo of someone in a cafe using a phone app to control the temperature at home
Fact: The average house uses only 2/3 as much power as it did 25 years ago.

Think about that. Even with all the electronics in our lives that we didn’t have back then, we’re using 1/3 less power.

(We’ve done that mostly because of huge improvements in the efficiency of our lighting and appliances.)

Now think about what that means for your neighbourhood and your community. It’s like we’ve removed every third house from the local power grid. Add all the houses up and that’s a whole lot of power. Enough power to run the local hospital, or hockey arena, or community centre.

When we use energy wisely, it means less wear and tear on the system, and a lot less demand for expensive new power plants. When you look around and see how many poles, wires and transformers are in your community, it’s plain to see why helping them last longer can have big returns.

It may be hard to see the impact of small actions, but they add up to major accomplishments.

You’ve already done a lot. Want to keep going?

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