Article: Using energy wisely

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How green is your energy?

The good news first: the power that comes out of your wall socket is a lot cleaner than it used to be. That’s because Ontario closed all of its coal plants, and because most of our power demand is met by emissions-free nuclear and hydro.

But is your energy as green as it can be? That depends on how, and when, you use it.

Lots of us have invested in smarter new high-efficiency appliances. But it’s also important to understand the settings – are you using all the energy saving features?

Many of us use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning, which is a big energy saver. But many people also leave them on all day while they’re at work.

LEDs and other new lighting use a fraction of the energy of old incandescent bulbs. But leaving lights on in an empty room is still just wasting electricity.

We know that shifting our power use to off-peak hours helps save money. It also takes pressure off the system in the most high-demand hours, when we have to fire up our gas plants to meet the demand. So shifting your time of use can help keep our greenhouse gas emissions down.

We have made huge improvements in energy efficiency in just one generation. Better technology has given us new options to be green around the home – we have to use these options wisely.

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