Feed-In Tariff Program Two-Year Review

men working on solar panelsOntario’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program was launched in 2009 to create new clean energy industries and jobs, boost economic activity and the development of renewable energy technology, and to improve air quality by phasing out coal-fired generation by 2014.

It’s been a great success, and to ensure continued success of the FIT Program in the long-term, the McGuinty Government launched its scheduled two-year review of the FIT Program in October, 2011.

The review confirmed that the FIT Program has been key to making Ontario a leader in clean energy production and manufacturing. The more than 2,500 small and large FIT projects approved to date will produce enough electricity to power 1.2 million homes. FIT has also attracted more than $27 billion in private sector investment, welcomed more than 30 clean energy companies to the province, created more than 20,000 jobs and is on track to create 50,000 jobs.

After tracking the program’s progress, consulting within the sector, researching developments in other jurisdictions and providing recommendations for improvements, the report contains recommendations in six strategic areas:

  • Continue commitment to clean energy.
  • Streamline processes and create jobs.
  • Encourage greater community and Aboriginal participation.
  • Improve municipal engagement.
  • Reduce price to reflect lower costs.
  • Grow Ontario’s clean energy economy.

The McGuinty Government has accepted the FIT Review recommendations, and through them, the program will continue to contribute the province’s economic and environmental objectives and ensure it provides good value for Ontario families.

Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program Two-Year Review Report

Download Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program Two-Year Review Report [PDF 2 MB]

Cover of the Feed-In Tariff Program Two-Year Review

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