Appendix 2: Fit Process

PRE-APPLICATION: Applicant encouraged to consult with local community about siting, support, etc.


Application Review

60 Days:

Note: 60 day window for application review will not begin until application period closes.

  1. Applicant submits an application via their “MyFIT homepage”
  2. OPA reviews application for completeness and eligibility
  3. OPA ranks application by priority points and timestamp

Connection Screen

60 Days:

  1. OPA and LDCs run TAT/DAT to determine FIT program connection availability
  2. Projects pass TAT/DAT subject to procurement limits

Application Engages in Environmental Approval Process and Public Consultations

  1. OPA issues contracts to successful applicants
  2. Applicant receives and executes contract within 20 days
  3. OPA executes and manages contract
  4. Project launch meeting
  5. Applicant obtains all applicable environmental approvals (e.g. REA, Class EA for water power, Federal approvals)
  6. Request notice to proceed
  7. Commercial operation date