Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan

Planning Ontario's Energy Future - A discussion guide to start the conversation

Ontario is launching a review of the Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP), which will include the largest, most open and comprehensive province-wide consultation and engagement in Ministry of Energy history. Engagement sessions will be open to the public, and will focus on the future of Ontario’s energy system and the government’s plan to maintain a reliable supply of clean, affordable electricity.

A discussion guide is available with key questions about energy planning in Ontario. The recently released Independent Electricity System Operator’s Ontario Planning Outlook and a Fuels Technical Report will help inform the engagement sessions. Interested individuals, stakeholders and Indigenous communities and groups can participate in the LTEP public consultations and engagement.

How to participate

  1. Read the discussion guide
  2. Share your feedback online through:
  3. Attend one of our in-person consultations or Indigenous engagement sessions


Ontario Energy Report

In December 2014, Ontario launched a quarterly energy report, which provides an up-to-date snapshot of the province’s energy sector.

Ontario Planning Outlook

On September 1, 2016, the Independent Electricity System Operator published a technical report, the Ontario Planning Outlook (OPO). A technical report is required under the Electricity Act, 1998. The OPO will support the consultation process and development of a renewed Long-Term Energy Plan. The OPO presents a variety of planning outlooks and scenarios for the electricity sector for the 2016 through 2035 period.

Fuels Technical Report

The Fuels Technical Report (FTR) establishes a comprehensive view of the current state of the fuels sector in Ontario, including a review of fuels consumption and a set of outlooks for the 2016 through 2035 period.