Achieving Balance Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan – Brochure

Ontario’s Electricity System

Why it matters…

Behind every light bulb, outlet, appliance or piece of machinery is a complex electricity system. Like clockwork, Ontario’s electricity system is perfectly balanced to deliver electricity when and where it’s needed.

Electricity is essential to:

  • Our homes and quality of life
  • Our businesses and productivity
  • Our economy and competitive edge

There are many moving parts to the electricity system, all of which need to be carefully coordinated for the system to work. That takes planning.

We also have to plan for our electricity needs — not just for today and tomorrow, but for future generations.

A Balanced Electricity System

  • A culture of “Conservation First” reduces our demand for electricity. This avoids the need for significant investments in new electricity infrastructure in the future.
  • A system that protects the consumer by making cost-effective decisions AND the best use of our existing electricity system.
  • A balanced mix of clean energy sources, including nuclear, hydro, natural gas, wind and solar power that meets our demand for electricity.
  • A reliable and flexible electricity system so we can build what we need when and where we need it in the future.
  • Engaged Ontarians, including First Nations and Métis communities, contributing to local energy solutions. .

Read the Plan:

Ontario is Making Wise Electricity Choices

  • Investing in clean, emissions-free forms of energy such as solar, wind, hydro and nuclear power.
  • Modernizing the electrical grid through research, innovation and technologies that will make the system smarter.
  • Upgrading the province’s transmission lines so that power can travel to communities where it’s needed.

emPOWER me! Our Role in Ontario’s Clean Energy Future

Conserve energy when choosing to do the laundry, turn up the thermostat or turn off the lights. These are all small but meaningful ways to conserve electricity.

Invest in energy efficient products when buying new home appliances or office equipment, like those with the EnergyStar symbol.

Manage your energy use through online tools, such as Ontario’s Green Button initiative, provided by your local utility.

Learn more about how you can save electricity, save money and how Ontario is building clean energy: