Ontario’s Green Button Initiative

Infographic: Green Button Initiative
The province’s world-leading investment in smart meters has helped to build a powerful and reliable smart grid.

Using the smart grid, the Green Button Initiative will empower consumers by providing easier access to their own electricity data and allowing them to securely share their data with mobile and web-based apps.

Apps can help Ontario households and businesses better understand and manage their electricity use, so they can make informed decisions and take action.

Green Button Pilot

The Green Button pilot was initiated in 2014 offering residential and commercial customers a choice of four applications to easily access their electricity data and better manage their usage. These applications include:

MyEyedro by Eyedro

MyEyedroEyedro Green Solutions Inc. logo is a fun, fast and free way to manage electricity use. At home or on the go, customers can see how they measure up against family, friends, and find out how much they can save when they take control.

GOODcoins by Zerofootprint

Goodcoins logoGOODcoins rewards customers for tracking electricity and for achieving electricity reductions targets. Customers earn rewards for using less electricity.


Builtspace logoBuiltSpace provides a comprehensive building asset, energy, and service management solution, to optimize energy and operational efficiency across diverse building portfolios.


Energent LogoEnergent incorporates powerful statistical energy modeling capabilities to track monitor and assess customers’ energy data and facility energy performance.

New Energy Management Apps for London Hydro Consumers

A new collection of electricity management apps for Ontarians are now available. These applications, developed and owned by existing innovative businesses and budding entrepreneurs, are part of the second phase of the Ontario Green Button Connect My Data pilot.

The Green Button standard provides Ontarians with direct and timely access to their electricity consumption data and the ability to securely share it with innovative solutions and applications that can use this data to provide them with valuable insights and services.

The new applications will offer Ontarians new and expanded tools to manage their energy consumption. These applications are free of charge for customers until November 15, 2015 and include:

Residential Applications

HomeBeat by Bidgely

HomeBeat logoHomeBeat is a web and mobile application that provides customers with a trusted energy advisor to help them understand energy use by showing the impact of individual appliances on the bill and providing them with tips to reduce consumption.


Presence Pro Energy by People Power

Presence  Pro Energy logoPresence Pro Energy delivers real-time, whole-home energy monitoring and smart plug control giving residential and small business users the ability to manage electric use from a smartphone or tablet.



Wattsly logoWattsly is your personalized energy butler that helps you monitor and lower your electricity usage, and helps you make great consumer choices for your wallet and the planet. Wattsly was the GOLD prize and People’s Choice winner in the 2014 Energy Apps for Ontario Challenge. They were also featured in the U.S. White House 2014 Energy Datapalooza.

Commercial Application

Stream by Energy Profiles Limited (EPL)

Stream logo
Stream is a comprehensive utility data management system, which enables property owners and managers to understand their utility use and cost at both the portfolio and building level. EPL’s retained clients include some of the largest public and privately owned companies in Canada, collectively representing approx. 200 million square feet of commercial space.