Smart Grid

Power LinesBuilding a smart electricity grid for a clean energy future is a key part of Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan.

The smart grid is intelligent electricity infrastructure that uses technology such as sensors, monitoring, communications, automation and computers to improve the flexibility, reliability and efficiency of the electricity system. A smart grid will:

  • empower Ontarians to better manage their electricity use and take advantage of conservation and small-scale generation opportunities
  • allow more renewable electricity generation, such as wind and solar power, to connect to the electricity grid
  • help utilities identify and fix outages more quickly
  • give businesses opportunities to provide innovative products and services to a growing market, creating jobs and sparking economic growth
  • enable electric vehicles to be charged conveniently.

Building a smart grid is not a single project, but a series of integrated initiatives by a variety of organizations that work together to create a modern electricity system aligned with the digital age. Advancing the smart grid is a smart investment in our clean energy future and our economy.

More information about Ontario’s smart grid is available on the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) website.

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