Steps to Developing a Renewable Energy Project

Step 1: Gather and review information

You can register on the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) website to access information, tools and FIT guidance documents. Registering is free and you will be provided with a unique identifier that is used by the various government offices and agencies to track the progress of your project.

Step 2: Prepare applications for regulatory approvals and FIT contract

Regulatory requirements for renewable energy projects usually include environmental studies as well as community, aboriginal and municipal consultations. The types of approvals and permits required will vary significantly depending on the project. REFO can help you determine what approvals and permits your project will require.

Before applying for a FIT contract, review the guidelines on the IESO website or call the FIT customer service line at 1-888-387-3403.

Step 3A: Government reviews applications for regulatory approval

Once you’ve determined which regulatory approvals and permits are required, you can begin the process of assembling a complete submission package. After submitting your application package for review, you will receive notification confirming receipt and letting you know if your application is complete.

Step 3B: IESO reviews FIT application and issues decision on contract

The IESO will evaluate applications to the FIT program, and offer contracts to eligible projects that meet program criteria. The timing may not necessarily coincide with the government’s regulatory approval.

Step 4: Government issues approval and permits; IESO issues permission to begin construction

When the review is complete including potential appeals, your project will be issued permits and/or approvals.

Step 5: Construction begins

You will need to get in touch with your local municipality for information on obtaining required building permits for your project. Once you have received all permits and approvals, including any additional permits you may require for specific construction (e.g., roads, buildings), you may begin construction.