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Project Title

dTechs Oakville Hydro SGF

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Project Collaborator(s)


LDC Collaborator(s)

Oakville Hydro


Oakville Ontario

Project Objective

The project involves installing 225 high resolution wireless dTechs sensors on the medium voltage supply monitoring approximately 16,000 customer endpoints. The objective is to show the accurate measurement of electricity flow in real time at the most efficient location (medium voltage) in the grid. This accurate measuring will allow for the detection and remediation of technical and non-technical energy losses. This includes electricity theft, unsafe high consumption and poor infrastructure areas relating to aged transformer equipment and distribution lines. Included is incorporating a vetted GIS mapping of the utility’s infrastructure along with tools for load management, fault current and outage notifications.

Company Background

dTechs enables electric utilities to wirelessly monitor technical and non-technical energy losses across their
distribution system using a patented process that places sensor detection and monitoring/reporting software
on the grid. dTechs is the first Medium Voltage sensor in the world with +/- 1 per cent accuracy in both high resolution current and voltage readings. Our system reconciles with both analog metering and Smart Meter endpoints allowing for the detection and remediation of energy losses. Our system includes the creation and delivery of a Geographic Information System (GIS) grid database and the seamless incorporation into current outage management systems (OMS).


Benefit(s) to Ontario Residents and Businesses

Reduce Energy Loss

  • Reduce technical loss through detection of poorly performing infrastructure will increase network efficiency and reduce load. Decreased network losses can lead to improved system performance and more efficient utility operations.
  • Improve identification of non-technical loss theft
  • Identify high loss endpoints to improve public and fire safety. High loss endpoints usually correlate to higher level criminal behaviour. High loss endpoints are also at risk for fire.
  • Decrease load can mean reduced generation and in some cases, lower Green House Gas emissions.
  • Improve grid efficiency
  • Help utilities respond faster to remediate grid faults and outages will reduce outage duration for customers.
  • Improve load management to allow for more effective grid loading and balancing the grid, leading to performance and safety improvements.

Project Collaborators

  • Broy Engineering (Toronto) is dTechs lead electrical engineers and provides full support services. dTechs sensors are created, tested and monitored by Broy
  • Cornerstone Graphics CGSI specializes in GIS Database design and implementation; identifying Computer Assisted Design departmental inefficiencies and designing procedures and software tools
  • DLM Consulting Ltd will provide network integration and software services

Project Status

Sensor manufacturing is now completed and the first series of sensors are installed onto Oakville Hydro’s grid. The remaining sensors will be installed by the end of 2014.



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Awards and Certificates:

  • Clean Tech Group LLC – Top 20 most promising Cleantech companies in the world (2012).
  • Alberta Cool Companies – 2011 Clean Technologies – 2012 Clean Technologies – 2013 Advanced Technologies