Project Summary Information

Project Title

Advanced Energy Storage Demonstration – integrating microgrid, building management, EV, LDC benefit & Renewable Energy

Amount Funded


Project Collaborator(s)

Science North, Opus One, Energy @ Work Inc.

LDC Collaborator(s)

Greater Sudbury Hydro, Hydro Ottawa, Toronto Hydro


Sudbury, Ottawa and Toronto

Project Objective

The project will be an Ontario and a global “First”, deploying three advanced smart energy storage systems in different distribution networks as well as three differentiated customer segments within commercial/utility space and applications.

This demonstration will showcase the interoperability of energy storage and various integrated technologies across three demonstrations in three commercial building sizes. Each demonstration will validate core solutions while integrating different technologies due to their own operational roles. Further, the three collaborating LDC networks will help assess the impact of storage between a grid infrastructure (age, congestion issues, etc.) and commercial customer valuation perspective.

The project will integrate the building energy management system, Electric Vehicle applications, advanced energy storage, solar generated energy and a distribution automation applications network to expand opportunities for customer control, enable conservation and allow for high penetrations of renewable generation.  In addition, demonstration of microgrids shall showcase a hybrid – commercial and utility joint benefits with a smart algorithm controller, large commercial building applications well as a critical infrastructure  applications i.e back up power

Company Background

eCAMION is a leading turnkey solution provider for Community Energy Storage (CES), including microgrids. eCAMION specializes in the integration of battery solutions with intelligent advanced grid controls, which interface with a utility’s control room. The intelligent controls operate seamlessly with building management systems, onsite generation and the modern Smart Grid. We provide modular, flexible energy storage, which improves reliability by optimizing new battery chemistries.

Benefit(s) to Ontario Residents and Businesses

This Project has a number of benefits:

  • It provides customer control of energy use through software interface and control platform and the building management system. It allows the customer to use various functionalities, the available PV, the stored electricity.
  • It will help minimize cost of energy and back up power applications at Science North, Large Commercial Bldg in Toronto, and Ottawa Hydro’s Operations Centre –  load shifting, back up power and reducing their electrical demand and energy consumed from, the CES.
  • Local Distribution Companies will benefit from deferral of system upgrade costs while mitigating voltage control issues around large commercial users.

Project Collaborators

Science North is Northern Ontario’s most popular tourist attraction.  It has gained a worldwide reputation for its unique approach to developing and delivering interactive science experiences for school groups and the population at large.  It boasts a unique location on a major artery in the city and is an integral attraction in Sudbury, a hub for the mining, medical, education and retail industries. Science North is the host for the northern demonstration site (Unit 1).

Opus One is an Ontario-based company with expertise in advancing innovation for the Smart Grid, including strategy, architecture and technology development. Opus One was established to deliver upon one vision – 100% clean energy consumption through energy intelligence. Opus One achieves this vision by providing networked controls with Smart Grid applications and will design Smart Grid controls (gridOS) for this project.

Greater Sudbury Hydro is providing technical leadership, expertise and coordination for the Northern Ontario demonstration. In addition to providing such foundational activities as site planning, equipment installation, integration with new communication and operational distribution systems (e.g. gridOS), data harvesting/analysis and advice to the host Customer (Science North), GSHI can offer integration with existing operational distribution systems such as SCADA, the ODS, Engineering Analysis software and real-world operation integration and feedback.

Hydro Ottawa will both host the Eastern demonstration site at their planned new headquarters building (Unit 2) and provide technical advice, engineering coordination and design of the system in Ottawa.

Toronto Hydro is Ontario’s largest LDC and will provide engineering and design expertise and provide technical advice to the team. Toronto Hydro will help coordinate the connection to the distribution system of the Toronto location for Unit 3.

Energy @ Work Inc. will provide analysis of the Toronto site and help monitor the usage, and make recommendations from analysis and results.  In addition, Energy @ Work can monitor in real-time for Global Adjustment (GA) and load shifting during peak times.

Project Status

  • Agreement signed with Ministry – December 2014
  • Design of Energy Storage and PV – February 2015
  • Manufacturing of Energy Storage system – June 2015
  • Installation of Energy Storage – October 2015
  • Integration of system – January 2016


We have started conversations with Renewz for a similar project with City of Summerside, PEI. This would not have been possible without the confidence of eCAMION having SGF support.

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