Project Summary Information

Project Title

Woodstock Whites Lane Smart MicroGRID for Utility and Residential Application

Amount Funded


Project Collaborator(s)

Arntjen Solar, Fanshawe College

LDC Collaborator(s)

Woodstock Hydro Services Inc.


Woodstock Ontario (Woodstock Hydro Whites Lane Distribution facility)

Project Objective

Whites Lane microGRID provides a means of introducing various emerging smart grid technologies into the realm of a typical 120/240 volt distribution network. This project will implement the concept of PowerMatching, by matching customer loads with renewable energy generation and energy storage technologies. This will be made possible through the use of smart metering data, customer education and customer enhancing load monitoring devices. The project will leverage expertise from utility, private sector, academia and customer resources with a focus on achieving Net Zero electricity requirements over the course of a year.

Company Background

eCAMION is a leading turnkey solution provider for community energy storage including microgrids. eCAMION specializes in the integration of battery solutions with intelligent advanced grid controls that interface to a Local Distribution Company’s control room. The intelligent controls operate seamlessly with building management systems, onsite generation, and the modern smart grid. We provide modular, flexible energy storage, which improves reliability by optimizing new battery chemistries.

Benefit(s) to Ontario Residents and Businesses

Outcomes of the Whites Lane microGRID will be applicable to any grid connected customer or series of customers in Ontario as well as Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) and smaller communities. The concept of identifying load customers associated with a distribution transformer is common across the province and lessons learned here can be applied in other jurisdictions. As customers become distributed generators, their consumption and generation habits (including generation and load shedding capabilities) will become part of a more dynamic electricity network. Ontario residents will benefit from reduced consumption and cost while playing a key role in the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Project Collaborators

Arntjen North America will coordinate many aspects of the project.

Fanshawe’s contribution to the project is to facilitate an algorithm selection process with the goal to find an algorithm that helps to bridge the gap between current energy production, transmission line capacities and consumer needs.

Project Status

  • Customer Awareness and Baseline Data – Oct/Nov 2014
  • Installation and Commissioning – March 2015
  • Initial Analysis – August 2015
  • Project Completion – Dec 2015


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