Essex Energy Corp.

Project Summary Information

Project Title

Distribution Monitoring and Controls System (SmartMAP)

Amount Funded

$687, 519

Project Collaborator(s)

Utilismart Corporation

LDC Collaborator(s)

Essex Powerlines Corporation


Oldcastle, Ontario

Project Objective

With the installation of Smart Meters and intelligent devices, utilities quickly moved from a lack of data, to an overabundance. SmartMAP’s objective is to help utilities make use of this data. Essex Energy’s proven Distribution Engineering Simulation Software (DESS) provides the core for the solution. With the SmartMAP data represented within a DESS model, users can view the state of their distribution system as well as analyze and optimize the system. SmartMAP can alert utilities to potential issues within their systems before problems arise such as high/low voltage and loading. The outage management capabilities of SmartMap provide a completely integrated solution between the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), customer service and operational field staff.

Company Background

Essex Energy is a dynamic energy technology company. As the Smart Grid evolves in North America and around the world, so are the needs of electrical utilities, generators, transmitters and consumers. For the past 13 years we’ve taken pride in providing solutions for these diverse needs. Our products and services include Distribution Engineering, Renewable Energy Development, Distributed Generation Aggregation, Conservation and Demand Management as well as developing Smart Grid Software Products.

Utility Smart Corp

Benefit(s) to Ontario Residents and Businesses

Customer voltages and outages are monitored by the system, allowing utilities to act faster when customers experience outages and address voltage issues before a customer complaint is received. It also allows utilities to maximize the use of their existing assets and optimize the flow of power through their distribution systems. Utilities that can better manage their assets should have reduced equipment failures that could cause outages. This creates greater system efficiencies that overall benefit residents and businesses.

Project Collaborators

Utilismart Corporation provided and currently hosts a secure, cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) repository for SmartMap. The collaboration between Essex Energy and Utilismart enables the seamless collection, validation and presentment of smart grid data. The Utilismart Software As A Service (SaaS) delivery model helps customers save money by lowering the initial application costs for both software and hardware, providing painless upgrades, offering unified integration and increasing the adoption rate due to the ease of using the browser based cloud solution.

Project Status

  • Project Start Date – June 2012
  • Project Completion Date – June 2014


Essex Energy has partnered with Utilismart to deliver the solution to utilities across North American. Other opportunities are currently being explored.