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GE Grid IQ Innovation Centre

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Markham, Ontario

Project Objective

  • Accelerate the development of enhanced and new smart grid products
  • Establish a smart grid demonstration centre and lab facility in Markham
  • Expand smart grid manufacturing, training, marketing and technical/inside support
  • Relocate an existing GE smart grid business from its facility in Calgary to Markham

Company Background

GE’s Digital Energy business is a global leader in protection and control, communications, power sensing and power quality solutions. Its products and services increase the reliability of electrical power networks and critical equipment for utility, industrial and large commercial customers. From protecting and optimizing assets such as generators, transmission lines and motors, to ensuring secure wireless data transmission and providing uninterruptible power, GE’s Digital Energy business delivers industry-leading technologies to solve the unique challenges of each customer.

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Benefit(s) to Ontario Residents and Businesses

GE designs and manufactures intelligent devices that protect, monitor, control and automate the grid, and visualization software that optimizes the grid to get power from the power plant to the power consumer.

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Project Status

  • Relocation of operations from Calgary to Markham temporary facility: Aug 2010
  • Move to new combined Facility: July 2012
  • Complete development of type test and advanced simulation/test certification labs: Sept 2012
  • Set up smart grid demonstration centre: Nov 2012
  • Develop and launch the next generation of new products: Apr 2011 to Jan 2014
  • New/upgraded manufacturing production lines: June 2011 to Dec 2013


With the launch of our next generation of smart grid products, GE has seen an increased demand for our distribution system platforms and the transmission system providing growth in business to industrial and utility customers.

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