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Project Summary Information

Project Title

Distribution Transformer Monitoring – Beta Completion/Growth Preparations/Deployment

Amount Funded


Project Collaborator(s)

EPM, Aequus Global Solutions, and Kinectrics

LDC Collaborator(s)

Cambridge North Dumfries Hydro, EnWin Utilities


Cambridge and Windsor, Ontario

Project Objective

In collaboration with Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro and EnWin Utilities, GRID20/20® will demonstrate its OptaNODE™ DTM device, which attaches to pole and pad-mount distribution transformers. By providing DTM, the OptaNODE™ increases the ability of local electric utilities to see how their systems are performing in real time and provides improved performance in areas such as outage notification, power theft detection, distributed generation monitoring forwind and solar, electric vehicle charging station recognition and preventive maintenance benefits.

This pilot will demonstrate the OptaNODE™ in the Cambridge North Dumfries Hydro and EnWin Utilities service territories. Each LDC will have its own primary areas of value proposition focus and in turn will require differing types of OptaNODE™ DTM devices address their interests.

Company Background

GRID20/20 is a leading provider of comprehensive Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM) solutions marketed as OptaNODE™. This best-in-class product family features patented high accuracy intra-grid sensors and the industry’s fastest deployment capability. In addition to patented hardware, GRID20/20 provides proprietary software and analytics to maximize end user value.

The OptaNODE™ solution is versatile and globally relevant. The solution employs wide-ranging device communications options and the ability to interface data with existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Meter Data Management (MDM) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems, and collection engines.

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Benefit(s) to Ontario Residents and Businesses

The OptaNODE™ Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM) solution will directly benefit Ontario residents and businesses by reducing unplanned power outage occurrences, accelerating power outage restoration efforts by LDC’s, assist with proper monitoring of distributed generation from wind and solar sources within the grid. Additionally, residents and businesses will indirectly benefit from more efficient utility operations, a reduction in power theft losses, increased usage of energy conservation practices by the utility, decreased power generation demands and improved power service quality.

Project Collaborators

  • EPM Global Services based in Markham, Ontario is a product enhancement consultant focused in improving manufacturability and quality assurances.
  • Aequus Global Solutions based in Vaughan, Ontario offers product enhancement consultant focused on injection mold services and polymer-based product solutions.
  • Kinectrics, Inc. based in Toronto, Ontario supplies specialized consulting services regarding various distribution transformer configurations and applications associated with global uses and requirements.

Project Status

  1. Initial DTM device installations will occur in August and September 2014.
  2. Delivery of a poly phase DTM device in January 2015
  3. Completion of LDC-intended Customer Access Portal in April 2015
  4. Completion of LDC-intended Advanced Analytics Suite in July 2015
  5. Project Completion in November 2015


Not available as project is commencing.

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