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Smart Meter Cyber Security

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Smart Meter Cyber Security


Burlington, Ontario

Project Objective

This project will be a demonstration and evaluation of N-Dimension’s new advanced cyber security capabilities for smart meter systems. During the course of this project, N-Dimension will develop, test, and commercialize new capabilities to provide solid defense-in-depth cyber security protection of smart meter devices. With this project, N-Dimension will refine advanced security functions such as cyber security intrusion detection system, secure access control and cyber security incident alerting and reporting all of which run on a new ultra-compact hardware platform. This in-depth cyber security protection will be made available at the smart meter collector level and at their head-end system environments, as well as providing a secure communication channel during data transmissions from one another.

Company Background

N-Dimension provides advanced cyber security protection for critical infrastructure assets including: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, smart meter networks (AMI), field control systems (e.g. Distribution Automation, Substations), control centers and generating plants. Our solution protects enterprise and operational technology from cyber-attacks by providing a comprehensive, defense-in-depth solution that all critical infrastructure operators can afford. As operational technology experts, N-Dimension provides more than IT solutions, we also secure the vulnerable IT/OT interconnections between Information Technology systems and the Operational Technology assets. N-Dimension offers a complete solution for critical infrastructure operators with benefits of reliability, revenue assurance, and risk mitigation.

Benefit(s) to Ontario Residents and Businesses

This project will create economic development opportunities in Ontario by creating a more secure and more stable grid. This will:

  • Provide peace of mind to Ontarians knowing that security is applied to the smart meter networks in Ontario.
  • Facilitate additional investment in grid automation due to a more stable, more secure grid system.
  • Enable commercialization of other third party solutions that can be layered onto a secure grid.
  • Foster innovation in advanced cyber security and grid application development due to the knowledge transfer and learning from the project.

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Project Status

Successful lab tests have been completed. In-field tests are underway.


Not available at this time.

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