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Project Summary Information

Project Title

Prolucid Smart Grid Power Technologies

Amount Funded


Project Collaborator(s)

WindShare, Ciufo & Cooperber, National Instruments

LDC Collaborator(s)

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited


Toronto, ON

Project Objective

Prolucid and LocalGrid have built an integrated communication network of intelligent grid devices that enable Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited (Toronto Hydro) to better manage, monitor and control the power grid at Exhibition Place and Toronto Hydro’s office in Toronto. As Toronto Hydro deploys the solution, the LocalGrid DataFabricTM, to grid edge devices they are empowered with real-time data for local visibility of the power grid at a particular site. The solution enables Toronto Hydro to better manage the power grid cost effectively with minimal impact to operations for better grid reliability and customer satisfaction.

Company Background

Prolucid provides custom software development for a variety of industries requiring embedded solutions. As one of the affects of the Smart Grid Fund, Prolucid was able to create a spin-off company, LocalGrid Technologies Inc. to commercialize embedded software solutions for the power utility industry. LocalGrid is developing a secure, embedded software-based platform as an Industrial Internet of Things architecture to enable power utilities to cost effectively improve grid reliability and stability. Deploying LocalGrid’s solution, the LocalGrid DataFabricTM, to grid edge devices such as a wind turbine or substation, power utilities begin to create a connected network of intelligent devices allowing for better insight across the entire power grid. The LocalGrid DataFabricTM maximizes the use of existing energy assets and enables more intelligent, cost effective solutions to add renewable generation and other new technology to the grid for a fraction of alternative renewable, and deliver more reliable power to customers.
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Benefit(s) to Ontario Residents and Businesses

The LocalGrid DataFabricTM and supporting applications reduce the integration costs for Ontario power utilities looking to develop smart grid solutions by providing in-field data analytics capability to make more effective use of grid edge devices. Ontario residents and businesses will benefit from LocalGrid’s solution as the power grid becomes more reliable, less susceptible to power failures and minimized impacts when an outage does occur.

Project Collaborators

National Instruments Corporation. Project roles: Providing the technology platform for demonstration and rapid prototyping. Partnering with Prolucid Technologies on delivery of a complete solution. Providing hardware as well as engineering and technical capability.

WindShare. Project roles: Providing access to wind turbine at Exhibition Place for monitoring and collecting data on generation. Providing consulting on integration with existing turbine control system.

Ciufo & Cooperberg Consulting Inc. Project roles: Industry consultants, providing engineering consulting services on integration of solution with substation protection systems.

Project Status

Prolucid, LocalGrid and Toronto Hydro have been using a number of systems to monitor and collect data on Toronto Hydro’s solar generation sites and wind generation site at Exhibition Place for over a year. Prolucid, together with our project partner, National Instruments, and LocalGrid, has used the LocalGrid DataFabricTM core technology to release a Power Quality Analyzer into the NI Tools Network for use by other integrators and engineers. This product is designed to support a distributed, Industrial Internet architecture and allow for rapid development and deployment of a distributed application based on power quality. This is a significant milestone for the project where some of the technology is released to a commercial product.


The SGF demonstration project has enabled Prolucid and LocalGrid to develop strategic relationships with large key players in the energy industry, representing Ontario as an innovation hub for smarter grids. In August 2013, LocalGrid announced a partnership with Real-Time Innovations (RTI) the real-time infrastructure software company that leads the Industrial Internet of Things, and recently released the statement that LocalGrid and RTI plan to deliver secure microgrid solutions using advanced DDS protocol. At the same time, LocalGrid announced a partnership with Tresys to develop distributed energy solutions with built-in military grade security. The potential of the technology we have developed here in Ontario is huge and will have a global impact.

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