Ryerson University’s Centre for Urban Energy

Project Summary Information

Project Title

Electricity Pole-Mounted Energy Storage For Improving LDC System Reliability

Amount Funded

$609, 850

Project Collaborator(s)


LDC Collaborator(s)

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited (THESL)


Centre for Urban Energy Smart Grid Laboratory and Toronto Hydro service territory

Project Objective

eCamion has a mature modular energy storage product that can be modified with minimal investment for deployment with pole mount transformers on the same pole. In this project, eCamion’s modular storage solution will be combined with a smart controller, developed by Ryerson, that communicates with downstream smart meters of connected residences. The project objective is to develop and demonstrate electricity pole mounted smart energy storage solution (PMESS) on the Toronto Hydro system to show integration of smart meters, electric vehicle chargers and improved system reliability.

Company Background

The Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) is a division within the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) at Ryerson University. As an educational institution set up for higher learning, it has a mandate to conduct externally-funded research projects. CUE has also recently received Ministry of Energy Smart Grid Funding to establish a Smart Grid Laboratory. CUE has over 40 partners/collaborators for its projects and works with 70 researchers comprised of students, faculty and staff.

Benefit(s) to Ontario Residents and Businesses

This is an important demonstration of the promise of storage at the edge of the grid. Toronto Hydro, as a large urban utility, will benefit by way of reduced cost on infrastructure upgrade, reduced energy costs, reduced usage during peak hours, enhanced grid reliability and increased power flexibility. The project will also showcase the development of a local technology: eCamion is a local company out of Scarborough, Ontario. The heart of this product, that is the controller and other solutions, are locally developed and are going to be pursued for worldwide commercialization.

Project Collaborators

eCamion, an energy storage company that has successfully deployed a street level energy storage solution with Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited (THESL). They will assist in developing an intelligent controller that harvests smart meter data for intelligent load management. eCamion will be designing, engineering, building and testing the pole-mounted energy storage solution (PMESS) for this project and the associated support to install the PMESS at a site to be determined as part of the project.

Toronto Hydro is the largest LDC in Ontario with proven engineering capabilities. They will invest in this project to install, test and monitor these pole top energy storage solutions and allow access to their smart meters while addressing all data protection and privacy protocols.

Project Status

  1. Full agreement execution – advance – September, 2014
  2. Customization of energy storage solution for pole top application – April, 2015
  3. Development of smart controller that integrates with local smart meter data – Sept, 2015
  4. Laboratory Testing – Dec, 2015
  5. Installation of solution on Toronto Hydro System – July, 2016
  6. Project completion – August, 2016
  7. Commercialization report – August, 2017


This project will help build future partnerships to address other opportunities, such as:

  • Collection and assessment of smart meter data
  • Develop utility standards.

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