Smart Meters and Time-of-Use Prices

Current Time-of-Use in Ontario

Current rates per kilowatt hour*
Off-Peak: 6.5¢
Mid-Peak: 9.5¢
On-Peak: 13.2 ¢
*Prices effective July 1, 2017.

The Ontario Energy Board sets the time-of-use prices every May and November. Learn more about electricity prices.

View the Time-of-Use Holiday Schedule

Smarts meters and time-of-use pricing can help you manage your electricity costs.

Ontario introduced time-of-use pricing to reflect the costs of producing electricity at different times of the day. There are three time-of-use periods:

  • Off-peak – when energy demand is low and less expensive sources of electricity are used
  • Mid-peak – when the cost of energy and demand are moderate
  • On-peak – when demand is highest and more expensive forms of electricity production are used.

In winter, electricity use peaks twice daily: when people get up in the morning and when they come home from work. In summer, electricity use tends to peak in the afternoon, when air conditioners are running on high.

Year-round, demand and electricity prices are lower overnight, and on weekends and statutory holidays — so these prices are always off-peak.

What you can do

Smart meters track electricity use by the hour. Check your energy bill to see how you are using electricity now — then, shift activities to times when electricity is less expensive.

Learn more about your electricity bill with our Bill Tutorial.

You may also want to explore new technology entering the market, including apps that help you understand and manage your home electricity use from wherever you are via your smart phone.

Learn more about Ontario’s Green Button Initiative.